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Day: August 27, 2011

Steve Jobs Resignation

Steve Jobs Resignation

This is a very sad photo to see and this is a call to arms to pray for his salvation. I would love to see him recover but, I’m not sure that is God’s plan for Mr. Jobs. Since we don’t know let’s keep him in our thoughts and prayers.

Let’s reflect on the past thirty years on Steve/Apple’s contribution to the evolution of technology as we know and enjoy today. Take time to reflect on what Apple has done for America with regards to advances in technology and employment. This is my personal list so, please don’t get bent out of shape.

#7: iTunes: While this is not my favorite there is not doubt the impact it has had on the music industry.

#6 iMac (1998): Revolutionary all-in-one design.

#5 iPod: Nuff said

#4 iPhone: The most imitated (but never replicated) phone in existence.

#3 OS X: A true next generation OS. Unix at the heart for the hardcore, and Coco on the front for the Windows/Apple UI freaks.

#2 iPad: Revolutionized the tablet and mobile market.

#1 Apple II (1977): Without the Apple II, we may never of had Apple. Thank you Job’s and Woz!!!

One last thing… <grin>

“In a world where what’s good for Apple is also usually good for America, that is one of Jobs’ most remarkable achievements.”

– John C. Abell (

Random thoughts for August 27th, 2011

Random thoughts for August 27th, 2011

So, it’s August 27th and hurricane Irene has touched down at 7:30am in NC. We can only hope that it will not be as bad as the media depicts. Here in PA the winds are picking up and the sky is getting darker. No rain just yet.

I spent the last couple of days hunting down a bee hive in the basement and finally found the source of the invaders. They built the hive in a florecent light assembly in the storage area. I found a biohazard suit at Home Depot and disposed of the hive yesterday. Now we can all sleep in peace knowing that those pesky insects are gone. I don’t know if any of you had to deal with something like that but, it really makes you feel like your home has been compromised. I could not be at peace with the situation until they were totally eradicated.

In closing, I have decided to cancel my trip to CA to take the CCIE lab. It’s just been too much activity around our home the last couple of days and Lucas is going to school on Monday. Jaime has expressed that me leaving would not be a wise decision so, I’ll reschedule for Dec/Jan timeframe. It will give me a little more time to study and I feel like this next attempt is ALL or NOTHING.

“Do or do not, there is no try” -Master Yoda

Welcome Leonardo Christian!!!

Welcome Leonardo Christian!!!

Well folks, I am sitting at home and we both finally got some rest. Our house is ANYTHING but “normal” so, I would not even make a silly statement that “things are back to normal”.

Baby Leo is doing awesome and his big brother and sister love him VERY much. It feels good to have some down time and refocus on what is most important in life.

Now for some stats on little Leo. He was 7lbs, 2oz and 20.5″ (I incorrectly stated 21.5″ and Jaime corrected me today) when born. He head was tiny, 14″. Being that he is a month early, these numbers are very good. He sleeps pretty good and is slowly opening his eyes occasionally to take the world in. Big brother and sister cannot wait for him to play with them. <grin>

We are so appericative of all that God has blessed us with and when I reflect on His grace, it’s overwhelming.