I’m a father of three beautiful children (Lucas, Elizabeth, and Leonardo), husband to my beautiful wife Jaime, and humble servant to our heavenly father who saved me by grace. I try my best to live a life according to this verse in Matthew 6:33. “Seek first the Kingdom of God and HIS righteousness, and ALL things will be added unto you”.

As a systems engineer for Cisco, I’ll just say that really enjoy my gig and the company I represent. In the past I’ve also been employed by a financial firm and service provider. I knew that technology and I were inseparable when I first got my tiny hands on a woodgrain Atari 2600 back in the early 80’s. Honestly, I don’t know how old I was (probably around 4-5 years old) but, I can vividly remember playing combat for hours the first night. We only had a B&W TV, but I didn’t know any better. Here I am, 30 years later and one of my hobbies is collecting rare video games and consoles, and I’m still as passionate about gaming.

Professionally, I have been in the technology field for over 18 years. I started my career in application development and focused my education on networking and data security. I worked for a financial holding company for eight years and a service provider for three years. My current role at Cisco has me focused on routing/switching/data center solutions.

I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, having conversations with my father, anything outdoors, staying current with ALL technology, playing retro video games (my personally preference is all things Sega and Nintendo), and occasionally a range day to release stress and push my marksmen skills to the next level.

In closing, I would like to thank you for visiting my little space on the net.

Many blessing to you!


Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this blog are my own views and not those of Cisco