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Transformer Prime to get ICS on the 12th!!!

Transformer Prime to get ICS on the 12th!!!

Most of you that know me are well aware about my excitement for the Asus Transformer Prime this month. I have been waiting since the announcement for a tablet utilizing the Tegra 3 (Quad Core) mobile chipset. Now I find out even better news today thanks to Engadget. ICS will be release on the 12th! Man this is double awesomeness.

Share your thoughts. Will ICS work well on a tablet? Should it have dual modes/personalities to detect phone vs. tablet platform. Sound off…

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Cisco Impresses with UCS

Cisco Impresses with UCS

Cisco impresses with UCS:

If you’re tempted to think of Cisco‘s Unified Computing System (UCS) as just another blade server — don’t. In fact, if you just want a bunch of blades for your computer room, don’t call Cisco — Dell, HP, and IBM all offer simpler and more cost-effective options.

But, if you want an integrated compute farm consisting of blade servers and chassis, Ethernet and Fibre Channel interconnects, and a sophisticated management system, then UCS might be for you.

Remembering Steve Jobs

Remembering Steve Jobs

Linked from Apple’s website. 

My personal tribute to Steve.

To the atypical one.

The one who doesn’t quite fit the mold and saw things from a different perspective.

You understood that failure was the key to wisdom and success.

You my friend, were created in a world that adorns conformity but, refused to comply.

Nothing in this world could satisfy your endless pursuit of perfection, perhaps your were made for another.

Be at peace my friend and thank you for your magical devices.

Steve Jobs Resignation

Steve Jobs Resignation

This is a very sad photo to see and this is a call to arms to pray for his salvation. I would love to see him recover but, I’m not sure that is God’s plan for Mr. Jobs. Since we don’t know let’s keep him in our thoughts and prayers.

Let’s reflect on the past thirty years on Steve/Apple’s contribution to the evolution of technology as we know and enjoy today. Take time to reflect on what Apple has done for America with regards to advances in technology and employment. This is my personal list so, please don’t get bent out of shape.

#7: iTunes: While this is not my favorite there is not doubt the impact it has had on the music industry.

#6 iMac (1998): Revolutionary all-in-one design.

#5 iPod: Nuff said

#4 iPhone: The most imitated (but never replicated) phone in existence.

#3 OS X: A true next generation OS. Unix at the heart for the hardcore, and Coco on the front for the Windows/Apple UI freaks.

#2 iPad: Revolutionized the tablet and mobile market.

#1 Apple II (1977): Without the Apple II, we may never of had Apple. Thank you Job’s and Woz!!!

One last thing… <grin>

“In a world where what’s good for Apple is also usually good for America, that is one of Jobs’ most remarkable achievements.”

– John C. Abell (